Building Projects

This talk draws parallels between an epic road trip and the process of building solid and sustainable open-source communities. Just like the road trip filled with surprises, new friends, and life lessons, building an open-source community can be an unpredictable and rewarding adventure. Key lessons from the road trip experience can be applied to open-source community building, such as having a clear purpose and vision, embracing openness and diversity, being open to surprises, learning from failures, and celebrating successes. The talk further provides practical dos and don'ts for building successful open-source projects. By keeping these lessons in mind, open-source communities can thrive and evolve, fostering innovation and collaboration.

20 ideas to build social capital in the Data Science ecosystem

We are all trying to establish ourselves and stand out in the ever-competitive Data Science ecosystem. What if we could do it in a way that benefits both us as individuals and the Data Science community? This talk will discuss a range of ideas for building confidence and brand for novice and experienced Data Enthusiasts. Simply attending PyData NYC is a stepping stone for a beginner, whereas selecting to appear on a panel to discuss an open-source project could be an adventure for someone with more expertise. However, both pursuits put you on the correct path to achieving these goals. I will tell the story about my search for my place in the Data Science ecosystem, and I would like to assist you in finding yours. Building social capital doesn’t have to be a selfish endeavor. You should approach these opportunities with humility and honesty, and you should strive to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with the people you meet. Most importantly, be your most authentic self.

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